Lately, this term is getting a lot of attention!  Cryptolocker looks like this:

First thing to know, if you have this on your computer, currently at this time, your data cannot be recovered using "normal" methods.  So, we recommend you protect yourself from this one. 

Practically once a week we are helping someone out there undo the damage caused by a "we are from Microsoft" Phone Scam. They call  up purpoting to be from Microsoft and that they've noticed there is something wrong with your computer. The show you the 'errors' but unbeknownst to you, most of those same errors are in most computers. It's ridiculous how hard these guys work to get a few dollars from your pocket!

So you gave it a lot of thought, you know that old WinXP computer is going to surely let you down when you need it most.  What to do? Our suggestions are easy:


  • Get the most computer you can for your money     You don't want to do this again right away
Around 7:30am today the power failed in this part of Yuba City, our system dropped back to batteries, and ran until 7:50am or so, at which time the batteries ran dry.  After everthing came back up around 8:40, 1 of the servers here suffered a hard drive failure, and the mail server came up in a failed state.  Mail is currently rebuilding its array, and should be fine shortly, and I have moved services off the other machine.  Its still running just slowly, but that repair won't affect you guys.
So, 10:27am, mail is almost done rebuilding, and the other server (virtual host 01) is getting fixed soon.
Power is my curse lately.  Sorry again!
10:35am, the mail server is happy again
(oh yes, wanted to add, Since last week I have been working on a new mail server, with new fancier features.  I think the old server knows it)

Email is (was) broken!!!

Yes, Sunday morning, at around 05:23 the mail server power backup failed. Yes, second one in 2 weeks.
So, when it was brought to my attention around noon (sorry!!!) I ran down to the office and started repairs. These servers aren't very happy if the power fails, and recovery can take a while, but its moving forward now.

I have added additional notification methods to my "is it broken" system, next time this happens (It better not!!!) things will be caught much sooner.

(4:08 pm the last of the mail has cycled through, all services are back to normal)

Free Thanksgiving Turkey images 2014
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at SYIX!