Organic Crops

The following is a list of the current crops that we are growing. 

Processing tomatoes, corn, wheat, rice, dry beans, white kidney beans, dark red kidney beans, peas, vine seed, cover crop seed, alfalfa, sunflower, safflower, millet, and barley.

Please contact us for additional information or to request additional crops. Crops are normally contracted a year in advance. We have flexibility in our planting to accommodate interest in the market as it fluctuates and the company can grow all crops for seed if preferred. 


Organic Standards and Certification

As a leader in the organic movement since 1973, CCOF helped create the current USDA National Organic Program (NOP) regulations. The NOP requires that all foods labeled as “certified organic” must be grown and processed according to strict standards. Growers, handlers, retailers, restaurants, and any other operation marketing its products as organic must all be inspected by a USDA-accredited third-party certifier, such as CCOF, to ensure that all the rules necessary to meet these standards are being followed.

The Benefits of Organic Certification

The presence of the USDA and/or CCOF seal on a product guarantees that the product has been grown, produced, inspected, and certified to be in compliance with federal organic regulations. The USDA organic seal represents to consumers that someone is working behind the scenes to guarantee that their food is safe and healthy. CCOF is happy to be that someone. We are proud of the role we play in protecting the integrity of organic for the consumer.